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John Wilson

John Wilson is a Texas native, former owner of a successful salon and is reaching toward the goal of having eight agency leaders in his group.

In March of 2006, Wilson became involved with National Agents Alliance after listening in to the Fitz group builder’s call and hearing the leadership conveyed.

“Once I saw the business plan of NAA I felt really small in my salon being a self-employed man,” Wilson said. “I saw a way to become financially free that I had never seen before.” Realizing the opportunity to build a business anywhere in the United States, Wilson saw owning a salon as a temporary form of income.

Wilson was extremely nervous going on his first appointment. When he finished writing an application for the couple they looked at him and smiled. “I said, ‘What’s up?’ They said, ‘If you were trying to sell us, we would have kicked you out of our house within the first five minutes.’ I knew I was doing the right thing at that point by simply trying to help them. People know if you are trying to sell them.”

Wilson attributes his success to the mentorship of Alex “Fitz” Fitzgerald.

“Fitz is a huge believer in the NAA system and never deviates from the NAA basics, which allows me to grab onto it and duplicate.”

“I advise new agents to put your pride in your back pocket and latch on to the system that Andy has laid out there for us. Don’t complicate things, keep it simple. If you believe in yourself and believe in what we do then nothing should get in the way of your success.”

Wilson enjoys spending time at the lake with friends and family and cooking.

“One day I want to be able to pay cash for a Mercedes Benz CLS. I also want to have a back yard like the Albrights to entertain my family and friends.”

In the meantime, Wilson is working toward growing his agency.

“I want to have big enough dreams that anyone I hire in my business can reach as high as they like without hitting a ceiling,” Wilson said. “I want to be at the top with NAA. Now, that is defined as being a Double Diamond.”

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