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Karen Kern

Posted on: December 21, 2010.

I feel so blessed to have found National Agents Alliance from the mentorship of my upline Paul Roberts to the encouragement, knowledge & expereince of a Janice Rourk, other agents and managers such as Michael Owens, Jeremy Patton & ton of other people I have met in my few short months.

The support staff at National Agents Alliance has been so friendly, helpful and accommodating like none other. The tireless leadership of Andy Albright & his sidekicks John Kight & Barry Clarkson & the resources they have put in place, one could not help become successful if they listen, adapt & follow the system. I know National Agents Alliance has already begun to be life changing for me. This will be my last career and with hard work it will catapult me, my family and many others I touch to FREEDOM!

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