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A Lady Vice-President Emerges

National Agents Alliance announces the promotion of Deborah Pendergraph as the company’s first woman Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

A leader in the making over the last 10 years, Deborah Pendergraph proves that you don’t have to look far and be globally known to make a difference. She started her career in a basement to help future President and CEO, Andy Albright keep his business affairs in order. Little did she know what great things she would help build for a company later known as National Agents Alliance.

As the company grew from 2002 to 2010, Deborah took charge of the lead distribution and sales departments by taking on more responsibility each year, knowing all aspects of the company, and making decisions day-in and day-out.

Pendergraph overseas the lead distribution department, events, programs for agents, and media. She has a hand in every aspect of the company and knows how one change in a department can better help another.

Deborah Pendergraph graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1992; she and her husband John have two children, Caleb, 15 and Abby, 12. She is a mother, a wife, a college graduate and a leader within the Triad Business Journal’s #1 Fastest Growing Company in (2007.)

Deborah Pendergraph is what a modern female role-model should be. She won’t be seen on the red-carpet or creating a scandal, and she won’t be admired for winning a reality television show. Instead, she will be admired by those who know her and her great efforts to anchor a company with strong leadership.

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