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Advisory Board Members Excited About Future of National Agents Alliance

BURLINGTON, N.C. (Dec. 16, 2010) – The formation of the first National Agents Alliance’s advisory board has been met with a renewed sense of excitement in the company, according to key board members who gathered at the company’s headquarters at the end of November.

The panel, which consists of some of National Agents Alliance’s top agency managers, key personnel, outside advisers and an unspecified number of board alternates, left the two-day “think tank” with a common goal for the company’s future.

According to Albright, the panel met for eight hours and formulated a strategic plan going forward with the financial services company.

“Our goal is to become an even more admired company and an even more desired place for people to want to be,” Albright said. “We look forward to bringing more people into that inner circle and more people being a part of that National Agents Alliance family.”

Derek Steed, an attorney and partner at Wishart, Norris, Henninger & Pittman, P.A., will serve on the board as outside general counsel to National Agents Alliance in the areas of business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, strategic planning, employment law compliance and best practices. Steed had high praise for the entire board and the result of the meeting.

“When you bring people from so many walks of life, from so many places across the country it isn’t common to find people who can find the camaraderie, find the focal point of their passions in one idea and one concept,” Steed said. “With this group you will find that. As people continue to evolve their own businesses and to evolve the success of NAA, they will come closer as an organization to become a tighter-knit leadership group.”

The following is a compilation of comments about the meeting from advisory board members and alternates.

Alex Fitzgerald (Addison, Texas) on the energy from the meeting …

“There are three things to figure out in life: What you’re going to do, who you’re going to do it with and what you believe. NAA has those three things in place. We’ve got those figured out. It was truly exciting in that meeting.”

Adam Katz (Wilmington, N.C.) on Andy Albright’s leadership and vision for National Agents Alliance …

“The fact that Andy trusts people outside of our industry is huge. I’ve known him a long time and he’s always talked to me about the principles in “Think and Grow Rich” and one of them is a mastermind team. To see the caliber of people that Andy surrounds himself with like Derek Steed and John Roberts from the business perspective, then Jim Henson from within the industry but not with NAA and now Tim Goad coming on as well, I think it’s very important to get an outside insurance perspective on where this company can go and the mechanics of how this company needs to move forward. At the same time, he respects what our leadership team has contributed to the growth of the company and we have a unique perspective that Andy also shares through the process of building up agencies. It’s very dynamic for the company as a whole. He does that and then he can manage them and pull them all together into one cohesive game plan moving forward.”

Stephen Davies (Arden, N.C.) on the importance of the meeting and what he learned from spending time with National Agents Alliance’s top leaders …

“I got a sense of destiny. The last 24 hours has shown me that the destiny is set for us as a company, it’s set for us as people who choose to apply ourselves to it. Andy has plotted the course and invited us along as a way to dominate not only financial services in this country but all over the world. I know that five years from now we will look back on this as a pivotal moment in the history of National Agents Alliance.”

“The first bullet point was the confidential information that was given out that will make some of the people not just rich but generational wealth, but I can’t get into it because a lot of it was confidential. I also got the sense of brotherhood. It’s what I get from standing around with guys like Adam Katz, Alex Fitzgerald, and Chris Long. You realize this is a band of brothers that are willing to hold the line.”

“You look at Andy and Jane’s willingness to open themselves up as a people, be transparent and spend time with all of us. How incredible is that? Years from now when people write books about the company that Andy and Jane built, it’s going to be really cool for the band of brothers who have followed Andy to look back at this meeting and say, ‘hey, we were there … we were there.’”

Bill Lampe (Dallas, Texas) on what is means to be a part of the advisory board and the future of National Agents Alliance …

“The biggest thing is that we have a group of people who have come together, they are focused and want to take the company to the next level. We’re all on the same page and know what we need to do to accomplish that goal.”

Tom Brown (Apopka, Florida) on National Agents Alliance’s framework …

“What I’m excited about is the structure that’s being developed. There’s a character, integrity and a focus on systemizing our business that is going to make us stronger than ever.”

Camy Smith (Marietta, Ga.) on what he and his wife, Mindy bring to National Agents Alliance …

“What we bring to NAA is that we’re winners. We’re going to keep winning and hopefully we’ll inspire others to win too.”

Noelle Lewantowicz (Louisville, Ky.) on the impact the advisory board meeting had on the panel …

“We are very fired up coming off the advisory board meeting and just being able to be a part of that. It is an honor for us to be there and see the tremendous unity that is part of that group. NAA nation should feel pretty good right now knowing that the advisory team is focused and moving in the same direction. A lot of companies don’t have that. They have backstabbing and fighting, that’s not to say we don’t have discussions, but we come together and unify. That is key at the end of the day.”

Chris Long (Jacksonville, Fla.) on being a part of the advisory board …

“This is unbelievable. These guys we are hanging out with are the heroes of my life. They’ve been in it longer than me. I had never met people making a million a year and been able to talk to them. We’ve moved up the ranks and now we’re among the Top 10 now. When we were asked to be a part of the committee and made the cut, I can’t describe what an honor it is. We will do whatever is needed of us. I don’t take it for granted for one second. We will serve in whatever role is needed. It’s an honor and an accomplishment.”

“This is our life and it’s what we do now. To be recognized is such an honor. A lot of these people are some of our best friends and it’s a lot of fun to have such deep connections with these people. We have a very good time. There’s a deep found respect among all of us. Being in the inner circle is one of the most special experiences I’ve had in my life.”

Kyle Winebrenner (Cabot, Arkansas) on spending time with the advisory board …

“It was incredible. The togetherness and what the future holds … it was just good stuff. The top thing from the meeting I got was the bond from the people and just the power of that room. There was togetherness and a sense of the bigger picture found in a bunch of good people that are going to take this company to the next level.

“More than anything, it was about being on the same page and understanding the realignment and the personality of the company.”

Alex Abuyuan (Dayton, Ohio) on the future of National Agents Alliance and its advisory board …

“We got vision, which really falls into my vision and it was about us lining our visions up. That allows me to chart out what I need to do to support NAA’s vision. The belief that I’m with the right people and the leadership we have is really the right people at the right time. It’s people I’m glad to lock arms with and go ‘all in’ with. The quality we have in that room is not available anywhere else. As a result of partnering with them, we will accomplish great things that other companies won’t be able to do. Being around these people, we’re all friends and we don’t see each other enough so it’s like a family reunion for us.”

“We spend a lot of our time building this business and influencing people, but when Andy calls the knights of the roundtable together we drop everything. It’s worth stopping our business, our work and our family for a day to come here and get together. As difficult as it is at times, we wouldn’t think of doing anything other than being with Andy when he calls us together. It’s not difficult to do that when you want to be with the knights of the roundtable. It’s an easy decision to make. We’ll move mountains; we’ll do whatever we have to do to make ourselves available to Andy because we serve at the pleasure of Andy Albright because he’s the one charting the course. He’s the president of the company and we serve at the pleasure of the president. It’s an honor.”

Alex Fitzgerald (Addison, Texas) on Albright’s leadership …

“What our board knows and got to witness again is that Andy is our leader; however, he doesn’t make unilateral decisions. He understands how it works. He doesn’t want a cabinet that agrees with everything he says. It was like a cabinet meeting. We have dissenting views and don’t always agree with each other, but when we marched out of there we were on the same page.”

Adam Katz (Wilmington, N.C.) on Albright’s openness to get input from his team …

“It’s another way (Andy) gives us some ownership in the company and where it’s headed. Not a physical stake in it, but just the direction and where the company is headed. A lot of people are not secure enough in their position or they don’t trust their people enough to open themselves up to an advisory committee like this. For him to invite outside input from the managing team is just another testament to his leadership and that’s why I follow him. It shows his heart and his trust in the people. Because he trusts us, it allows us to trust him so much more. That’s why so many of us in on this first meeting will follow him wherever he leads us. We’ve hitched our wagon to Andy Albright and we will go wherever he leads. This is another example of him always being one step ahead of the game and always looking for the answers to help us get to where we want to be.”

“Get ready to go to the next level and beyond. We have the makings of a billion dollar company with his leadership and he sees this as a unique opportunity to get to where we want to go.”


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