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Albright speaks to N.C. State Entrepreneurship Initiative students in Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. – When National Agents Alliance President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright was asked to teach two classes at North Carolina State University, he immediately accepted the offer to return to his alma mater.

Albright, a 1986 graduate of the university majored in textiles, but 12 years after graduating found it was time to find work in another field.

Two years later, Albright co-founded National Agents Alliance, a financial services company based in Burlington, N.C. that helps protect families across the United States with its various financial products.

Albright spoke to two classes on April 7 that are part of the N.C. State Entrepreneurship Initiative, a program formed in July 2008 which encourages multi-disciplinary participation on every level – faculty, staff, industry, outreach partners and students. Albright, who is an EI advisory board member, delivered a message that encouraged students to not only think, but to think outside the box too.

That, Albright said, is at the heart of a true entrepreneurial spirit.

“It’s not as much fun to do it, if you have to do it exactly like they tell you to,” Albright said. “You know they, the committee of they that tells you to go to school and do all this stuff, get a degree and live happily ever after. It just wasn’t as much fun for me to do that, so I tend to do it how I want to do it now.”

Having that freedom has changed Albright’s life in a way he never imagined coming out of N.C. State. During his visit, Albright challenged each student to “actually think” about what they really want to do, saying it’s great to be well-rounded but finding a focused area of expertise will help you be “able to enjoy life more because you’ll reach your goals faster.”

“Figure it out and do it,” Albright said. “It’s really that simple.”

Dr. Tom Miller, executive director of the EI program said having the support of people like Albright can make all the difference to students with big dreams.

“Andy’s drive and determination come through loud and clear when he speaks,” Miller said. “It really hits home when the students hear him tell his story first hand.

“It’s a great inspiration for our students who have big dreams and aspirations to hear Andy talk about his path from his undergraduate days at NC State to realizing his dreams.”

Jennifer Capps, director of the Entrepreneurship Education Initiative at N.C. State’s College of Management, said it was a great to have Albright mentor her students.

“Having speakers like Andy share their entrepreneurial stories with my students really elevates the classes to a new level,” Capps said. “The response to Andy’s visit to class has been extremely positive. He managed to really motivate this group of students.”

After the classes ended, Albright spent even more time fielding questions from individual students and gave students copies of his book, The 8 Steps to Success.

Albright said meeting with Dr. Tom Miller, executive director of the EI program, Capps and more than 100 students was something he enjoyed. He said the future of the program looks bright and he looks forward to seeing who the next brilliant mind to come out of N.C. State will be.

“Some of those students I met today are going to do big things in the future,” Albright said. “The Entrepreneurship Initiative is creating culture, history and a place for wild ideas to fit in! I’m glad I’m able to help them out and I’m proud to be part of the Wolfpack family.”


The Entrepreneurship Initiative (EI) at NC State distinguishes itself by encouraging multi-disciplinary participation on every level – faculty, staff, industry and outreach partners, and most importantly, students. With Dr. Tom Miller as its first executive director, the initiative was formed In July 2008 in response to the Chancellor’s call to “develop an educated an entrepreneurial work force.” NC State has long been widely recognized as a strong presence in the entrepreneurial community of the region. By organizing and energizing its efforts through the Initiative, NC State will provide a comprehensive springboard for ideas, projects, and partnerships. By leveraging its core strengths in science, engineering, and technology, NC State will develop entrepreneurial solutions to society’s current problems and future needs. Through the Initiative, individual entrepreneurial projects and programs throughout the university unite to provide students with top-tier resources and opportunities.


With more than 34,000 students and nearly 8,000 faculty and staff, North Carolina State University is a comprehensive university known for its leadership in education and research, and globally recognized for its science, technology, engineering and mathematics leadership.

NC State students, faculty and staff are focused. As one of the leading land-grant institutions in the nation, NC State is committed to playing an active and vital role in improving the quality of life for the citizens of North Carolina, the nation and the world.


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