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Ambassador of CMN Attends National Agents Alliance Summer Slam

National Agents Alliance is a different kind of insurance company with different kinds of carriers. One of NAA’s carriers is Foresters, a partner of the Children’s Miracle Network.

During NAA’s first annual Summer Slam, Duke Children’s Hospital patient ambassador, 3 year old Brittan Allison attended with his parents to share more information about what CMN does for children like him.

Brittan has already undergone three open heart surgeries.

National Agents Alliance presented Brittan and his family with a one hundred dollar check towards his schooling, a one hundred dollar gift card to Olive Garden, as well as some NAA gear and a Foresters bear.

With the help of donations to the CMN and from sponsors like Foresters, children like Brittan are able to get well and continue to live a normal lifestyle.

National Agents Alliance invited the Allison family to show agents what NAA is all about. In attendance were over 300 agents from across the country.  The meeting purpose was to train agents while showing them the importance of taking care of families.

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