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Anderson impressed by National Agents Alliance National Convention

RALEIGH, N.C. – Dave Anderson decided to squeeze a trip to North Carolina into his busy January schedule to serve as the keynote speaker at the National Agents Alliance National Convention at the Raleigh Conference Center on Jan. 22.

Anderson was coming off a four-day event in Las Vegas, but that didn’t slow down Anderson, a motivational speaker and sales training author who has spoken in 14 different countries to various groups and organizations and has written 10 books. He wanted to meet with National Agents Alliance and its top leaders, even if it meant losing a little sleep.

After speaking, Anderson had high praise for National Agents Alliance and its convention.

“I knew the company had great core values and that they were committed to helping people, but I never realized the culture was this deep in that regard,” Anderson said. “The energy, commitment, dedication and teamwork have just absolutely blown me away. I haven’t seen anything like it in my talks. It was a very pleasant surprise. I expected good, but it was great.”

Anderson’s message to the more than 2,000 people in attendance focused on how to “make a difference” in 2011. Throughout his message, Anderson drove home the power of changing your conditions by making the right decisions, making the most of each day and finding a specific focus that you can control in business and life.

“Are you just making money, or are you making a difference,” Anderson asked the audience. “Success is about you and significance is about others … who are you taking with you?”

National Agents Alliance President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright said Anderson was dead on with his message and thought the crowd benefitted from hearing Anderson.

“Dave Anderson is very good at what he does and he really hit the high points that we’re focused on this year,” Albright said. “He’s got this brand of humor that he’s able to mix in with his motivational message and I hope that our agents took a lot away from spending some time with him. We’ve had a lot of great speakers at our conventions, and I’d put him near the top. He did an awesome job for us.”

Anderson, who challenged National Agents Alliance agents to help make people better than you found them, also offered six decisions that can be essential to making a difference this year.

1.      Be clear about what you want in life specifically – narrow the focus

2.      Make the decision to grow – it is a choice and business gets better when you get better. “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

3.      Decide to maximize opportunities – Do this with your time, your people, everything!

4.      Bring people to your team that give you something to work with – There are five things you can’t teach people: talent, drive, attitude, character and energy level. Find people that have those traits and get them on your team.

5.      Make a choice to stretch the people in your life – set higher expectations for those you care about, exercise tough love and care enough to get people on the right track.

6.      Decide to pay the price for the prize – It’s not supposed to be easy.

Anderson wrapped up his message by asking each National Agents Alliance agent to demonstrate his/her commitment by taking action and showing it instead of talking about it.

Albright joined Anderson on stage and led a question and answer session with the audience. Anderson also held a book signing, posed for pictures and talked with agents, before heading back to his home in California.

Anderson had high praise for Albright and the event.

“Andy is the real deal and he’s a lot like John Maxwell to me,” Anderson said. “There’s this persona and they’ve done a lot of things and accomplished a lot but then when you get to know them they are the real deal. They are exactly who they appear to be and Andy really cares about people. That’s why his business has grown like it has.”

When asked if he’d like to speak at another National Agents Alliance event, Anderson didn’t hesitate to answer.

“I’d make it in a heartbeat … you bet,” Anderson said. “I enjoy working with this type of energy and attitude and normally it’s not always this fulfilling.”


Peak performance author, columnist, trainer and speaker for sales and leadership, Dave Anderson walks the talk of a leader. He has led some of the most successful retail automotive dealerships in the country; most recently heading up a dealership with more than $300 million sales. Dave gives more than a hundred speeches, presentations and workshops all over the world and has delivered his leadership message in 14 countries.


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