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Andy Albright Delivers State of ‘The Alliance’ Address to National Agents Alliance at National Convention

Andy Albright State of Alliance Address

RALEIGH, N.C. – National Agents Alliance President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright made history Saturday night, delivering the company’s first “State of The Alliance” address in front of thousands of people at its “Be Your Own Rock Star” Version 2.0 National Convention at the Raleigh Convention Center.

After introducing his wife Jane and his children – Haleigh and Spencer – Albright presented what he expected from the company and its agents in the future, citing eight key “core values” as the roadmap to make sure National Agents Alliance enjoys continued success for years to come.

Albright’s address focused on where the company came from in 2002 and covered where the company grew to until 2008 and highlighted how National Agents Alliance has started to show signs of reaching peak levels again in terms of applications submitted weekly.

“This in no way changes our motto of having fun, making money and making a difference,” said Albright, who just released his second book Millionaire Maker Manual in early January. “As a matter of fact, this is the inner-working details of these three gems.”

On Nov. 30, 2010 and Dec. 8-9, 2011, the company pulled together its top executives, leaders and consultants to discuss what the company should consist of beyond its mission and vision statements. From those sessions, held in Burlington, N.C., Albright came up with the following eight core values: excellence, service, integrity, accountability, respect, compassion, community and gratitude.

“After we brainstormed for hours we came up with this simple and powerful statement: Our alliance is committed to providing the best atmosphere for all people to achieve their spiritual, personal and financial goals,” Albright said. “We worked really hard on our vision of where we want to be short-, medium- and long-term.”

Among the other key points in Albright’s address were how to continue growing the company, which boasts more than 7,000 agents nationwide; holding an event where more than 5,000 people attend, and reaching sales figures weekly that the company has yet to enjoy in its short 10-year history. He challenged his team to take the company to the billion-dollar mark in the next 10 to 15 years.
“Now, what will get us there?” Albright said. “We are building our case, our strategy now.”

From there, Albright talked about each core value and described the meaning and intention behind each one.

“These are simple but crystal clear,” Albright said. “People will not play the game if they don’t think they can win. These values show how you can win with the alliance. With the Alliance, these are rules anyone can play by and win. You can win with the Alliance. Go get you some!

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