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Andy Albright Encourages Outside Thinking to College Students

President and CEO of National Agents Alliance, Andy Albright is empowering college students at his alum school, North Carolina State University by participating on the Entrepreneurship Initiative advisory board.

Albright and eleven other N.C. State alums were chosen to provide opportunities to empower students as entrepreneurial thinkers, doers, and leaders.

“This program helps to develop the future leaders and great thinkers of society. The goal of this program is to encourage students to think outside of the box and to realize their potential. Hopefully the leaders on this board can expand and ignite their visions of how they see themselves and what they can do for the future.” said Andy Albright.

The board’s goals this year is to build upon the established entrepreneurship education programs in the colleges of engineering and management; tie other programs together; build new university wide elements which includes a course for a general education requirement, a K-12 outreach program that establishes N.C. State as priority choice for high school seniors interested in entrepreneurial careers as well as community, social, and networking opportunities for N.C. State students.

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