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Andy Albright Wants You to Change or Be Changed

President and CEO of National Agents Alliance, Andy Albright is on a mission to help people change.  During his talk at boot camp training for new agents joining National Agents Alliance, he spoke about the importance of helping people change for the better.

“Better to help people change than to have everyone like everything you do. The harder I got, the more we grew.” said Albright. He continued, “Don’t let people hold you down from what you want.”

This no-holds-barred attitude is exactly what has grown National Agents Alliance to what it is today. National Agents Alliance provides people with the opportunity to work full or part-time selling mortgage protection on their own time.

“Get fired up about being free; get fired up about being here! We are the ones making a difference.  Let’s get fired up about finding one more person committed.” said Albright.

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