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Brubaker supports Jacob’s Ladder through National Agents Alliance GSB

BURLINGTON, N.C. – Gerald Brubaker was one of three members of The Alliance to earn a Good Samaritan Bonus check in May based on hitting personal producer levels during a three-month stretch in March, April and May, National Agents Alliance President and CEO Andy Albright announced in June.

Brubaker, a father of two children, selected Jacob’s Ladder near his home in Eaton, Ohio to donate the $1,000 check to because his 13-year-old daughter Destiny is a classmate with some of the young people the organization helps.

Rob Jones also earned GSB checks at the end of May.

Jacob’s Ladder is a grassroots organization founded by a group of women representing several schools, churches, and service organizations passionate to meet the need of hungry children here in Preble County, Ohio. The loss of a young child, Jacob, is the inspiration for the Jacob’s Ladder name. The organization’s motto is “Eliminating hunger one child at a time.”

“Destiny is really big on helping kids locally and she tries to be a positive influence for others,” Brubaker said. “She’s kind of like a mother hen and is big on doing things to lift others up and be more positive. When you are talking about young people who are in need there’s not a lot of options for them to provide for themselves. We are trying to help Jacob’s Ladder help provide for some of the children here. We are reaching out to kids that may not have any other options available.”

Brubaker discovered Jacob’s Ladder via a friend, who informed him that several churches, businesses and a local food bank supported their efforts.

Albright said he was excited about the GSB program and added that Brubaker picked a very worthy cause.

“When you are talking about helping young people that’s a big deal, and especially those who are need of little things like making sure a child has food to eat,” Albright said. “We are proud of Gerald and the work he’s done this year. We expect even bigger things from him during the rest of 2013 and we are happy that he’s chosen to help Jacob’s Ladder because it’s near his hometown.”

Brubaker said the heart of Jacob’s Ladder is to help lift up children from troubling environments without embarrassing them. Brubaker, who said he has supported similar charities in the past, said the Good Samaritan Bonus program was another way The Alliance is helping families.

“We are out there helping families already with what we do and this is an extension of that on a local level where we can make a difference in the lives of children in our community,” Brubaker said. “It’s just awesome. It comes back to the heart of what The Alliance is about. If you are going to go out and make money, then make a difference too. Why would you not help one or two more families when the result is getting you to where you can help even more with a GSB check? It can help so many more people just by doing that. Do you want to just help one family or do you want to help potentially hundreds more families? It comes down to that for me.”

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