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Curry’s time with National Agents Alliance valuable in return to Harvard, basketball team

The return of Brandyn Curry to Harvard University and NCAA basketball might not have been a huge deal to the average college basketball fan, but it did not go unnoticed by National Agents Alliance.

Curry used The Alliance to help him return to the school and game he loves so much.

Curry, who grew up and attended high school in Huntersville, N.C., was one of 125 students at Harvard involved in a cheating scandal at the Ivy League school in August of 2012. Curry, then a junior member of head coach Tommy Amaker’s Crimson basketball team, and teammate Kyle Casey were forced to withdraw from school for an academic year.

Where does National Agents Alliance come in?

One of the stipulations for Curry to re-enroll was that he had to maintain employment for at least six months. When Curry returned home, he was hired into the Alliance team.

Just like that, Curry went from assisting his team at point guard to assisting families in their homes. He was a life insurance agent. As a basketball player, Curry ran the show and was ready to make a name on the national level.

Being an agent, Curry realized, was a whole different game.

“You just had to be good on the phone,” Curry told the Boston Globe in a Sept. 27, 2013 article about the scandal and his return.

Harvard officials declined to let Curry comment for this story, per NCAA rules, a school spokesperson said.

However, the story garnered headlines in national publications around the country. Even when National Agents Alliance wasn’t mentioned by name, Curry talked about how work with The Alliance helped him grow as a person.

Curry had a schedule that including meetings in the morning, conference calls and dials in the afternoon, appointments with clients in the evenings. His schedule was as flexible as he wanted it to be, allowing him time for workouts.

Selina Curry-Hall, Curry’s mother, urged him to buy a car, pay his own bills and see what real life was like.

So he made dials and often was told “no” early on. But, he got better and improved at speaking to people over the phone and in person.

“You’ve got to want failure, that’s how you get better,” Curry told the Raleigh News & Observer in an Aug. 24, 2013 article. “A no was just like missing a shot, you got to keep shooting if you want to make them.”

During his time with The Alliance, Curry changed some of his habits. He stopped watching television. He made healthier choices when eating and had a better sleeping schedule.

“I’ve gotten better about not wasting any moments, not taking any days off,” Curry told the News & Observer. “Literally, always doing something productive.”

Working with National Agents Alliance gave Curry a new-found perspective he couldn’t get even at an academically rich school like Harvard.

Curry’s next step was to apply for re-enrollment. Finally, he got the email he had been waiting for. He was accepted back to Harvard as a senior, where he rejoined the basketball team in the fall.

Curry, one of the team’s co-captains, was on the floor in his familiar Crimson No. 10 jersey in early November when Harvard beat Holly Cross 82-72.

So far this season, Curry has appeared in two games and is averaging 32 minutes a game, 9.5 points per game, 4.5 assists per game and three rebounds.

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