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Eric Thomas wows crowd at National Agents Alliance ‘Fight To Unite’ National Convention

Eric Thomas

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – When Eric Thomas steps on a stage in front of a crowd, his goal is to always leave people with something that adds value in their lives immediately.

That’s exactly what Thomas did when he spoke to National Agents Alliance on Saturday morning.

Thomas, a former high school dropout who has since picked up an undergraduate and master’s degree, delivered the keynote address at National Agents Alliance’s “Fight To Unite” National Convention at the Charlotte Convention Center.

The man nicknamed “the hip hop preacher” hit the stage with an energy that electrified the crowd, kickstarting what turned out to be a day filled with diverse topics from The Alliance’s top leaders and several guest speakers.

Thomas screamed into the microphone as the crowd stood and cheered before belting out his catchphrase, “Thank God it’s Monday!” TGIM is a reference to a weekly series of videos that helped thrust Thomas into the motivational speaking spotlight.

Thomas, who has more than 150,000 followers on Twitter and more than 250,000 subscribers on YouTube, is the author of two books, “The Secret To Success” and “Greatness Is Upon You.” His second book is set to be released later in January. He is slated to become the first motivational speaker to secure an endorsement deal with a shoe company in 2014.

“My own personal goal is to do it in a way that is so passionate and so simple that the people are going to be able to walk away and execute exactly what I say,” Thomas said. “I’m talking like five or ten minutes after I leave. They are going to be able to take that information I give them and utilize it immediately. A lot of times you get speakers that might have a good message but the people are not able to take that message and translate it into making money. They are not able to translate that message and use it to change who they are. Who you came in as, I’m hoping by the time I’m finished with you, I take you to a whole new level. I don’t care if you are the CEO of the company, I want you to walk away saying I got some value out of that presentation.”

It was no surprise that Thomas rocked his signature “Old English D” Detroit Tigers 59Fifty fitted hat and one of his Grind Gear signature t-shirts.

Thomas opened by telling members of The Alliance that 2014 is their year, but people have to be willing to see it before it can happen. He urged them to learn and gather information during the event so that they can use it when they return to work next week.

“You are not sitting here at this conference to meet people,” Thomas said. “You are here because you have the opportunity to hear one, two, three things you never heard before. You do that and it will take you to the next level.”

Thomas urged the audience to turn ideas into reality, figure out what you need to do to fill the gap that is preventing you from being successful and evaluate yourself until you find out what you have to do to get what you want in life.

Thomas, who grew up without a true father figure, said he wished that he had an influential person like NAA President and CEO Andy Albright to mentor him while he was growing up in Detroit, Mich. He explained to the audience that Albright has built a system at NAA where all people have to do is follow the playbook. Thomas said the hard work was done years ago, and it’s time for people to take advantage of the opportunity The Alliance provides.

“I’m not on Andy’s level, but I understand what it means to start something and I know how easy it is to join something somebody else started,” Thomas said. “You have the easy part. You don’t have to think, you just have to do.

“I wish I had an Andy in my life because it took me years to be a millionaire. You got that opportunity and you want to be tripping? This is your year. You can have it all.”

Eric Thomas, Andy Albright and Spencer Albright

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