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Eve Griffith will be recognized at National Agents Alliance ‘Key To Tomorrow’ Leadership Conference

BURLINGTON, N.C. – Eve Griffith looks like any normal little girl, but in October of 2009, doctors discovered that she was a very sick child at only 2 years old.

Eve Griffith at Duke Children's Hospital

Griffith, who will be recognized during a special presentation by National Agents Alliance and Foresters on July 14 at the “Key To Tomorrow” Leadership Conference at the Raleigh Convention Center, was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms (cancer of the kidneys) and focal anaplasia.

Griffith underwent 12 weeks of aggressive chemotherapy before having a nephrectomy in January of 2010, which was followed by radiation and more chemotherapy. After undergoing four surgeries, she completed her treatment in May of 2010.

“We love supporting Duke Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network because of stories we hear from our special guests like Eve Griffith,” NAA President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright said. “Eve’s story is amazing and we are excited to have her come visit us and speak to our people.”

Griffith’s latest checkup on Jan. 13 showed that Griffith continues to be cancer free after her treatment at Duke Children’s Hospital. She now proudly shows off the pigtails on her head, a much different look than after she lost her hair during her treatments. She smiles, laughs and plays just like any normal little girl.

Approximately 500 cases of Wilms are diagnosed in the U.S. annually. The majority (75 percent) occur in otherwise normal children; a minority (25 percent) is associated with other developmental abnormalities. It is highly responsive to treatment, with about 90 percent of patients surviving at least five years.

Griffith and her family helped to lead a new fundraising initiative through social media to benefit Duke Children’s Hospital. Griffith and her family create a fundraising page and she appears in a video where she shares why Duke Children’s Hospital is important to her.

Her reason for wanting to help raise money for Duke Children’s Hospital: “They are doing great things here,” Griffith says in the video.

You can learn more about Griffith by following her on Facebook HERE.


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Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center, located in Durham, N.C., is nationally ranked among the best in pediatric health care programs.  Caring for children is our number one priority, from routine check-ups and immunizations to the treatment of life-threatening injuries and illnesses.  At Duke Children’s, we provide hope and the most advanced health care available.  Offering innovative procedures including stem cell and bone marrow transplants as well as a variety of support services for our patients and their families, Duke Children’s cares for children from around the world. We are also a critical local resource – taking care of 60 percent of Durham’s children with more than 70 percent of patients coming from central North Carolina.  For more information please visit

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