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Foresters Announces Armor Universal Life Insurance

National Agents Alliance announces its newest product, Foresters Armor universal life insurance, a unique product which compliments the current Foresters portfolio.

Foresters Armor is specifically designed for “middle America” and delivers exceptional benefits to consumers. The no-lapse guaranteed life insurance product is a three-pronged solution for consumers: simplified issue up to $250,000, a feature found primarily in term insurance; a level guaranteed premium for easy budgeting and exclusive income boosting benefits.

“The benefits of Armor appeal to both clients and producers,” explained Michael Inserra, Regional Sales Specialist for Foresters. “Clients appreciate its lifetime guarantees, affordable premiums and unique riders that allow them to customize their certificates. Producers appreciate its simplified issue and the ease with which Armor’s benefits can be presented to their clients.”

Foresters Armor provides consumers with tools to plan for today and tomorrow with exceptional benefits as well as seven optional riders. The riders offer financial protection that cover death, disability, estate planning, charity giving and others.

Foresters Armor allows for conversion from term to permanent insurance, making it a unique offering for our customers,” said Andy Albright, president and CEO of National Agents Alliance. “The addition of Foresters Armor gives our clients the best coverage for their lifestyle and enables easy planning for retirement years and milestones along the way.”

For more information on the Foresters Armor, contact your licensed NAA agent, or visit to have an agent contact you.

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