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Fulton delivers keynote address at National Agents Alliance’s women’s seminar in Charlotte, N.C.

Jenny Fulton

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Jenny Fulton has never been afraid to talk to people or to promote any project she is involved with.

That outgoing personality came in handy when Fulton, the keynote speaker at the National Agents Alliance “Fight To Unite” National Convention women’s seminar on Friday morning, was laid off from her job as a stockbroker.

Fulton was just one of the speakers lined up for the seminar, which was started by NAA first lady Jane Albright. Debbie Benn, Heather Fitzgerald, Noelle Lewantowicz, Diane Lampe, Beth Katz and Gaye Goad were the other featured speakers, before Fulton and Albright closed out the seminar.

Fulton attitude and personality is contagious to those who meet her. In five minutes, she will make you think you’ve known her for years, and it’s in the genuine way she approaches people.

“You don’t have to be mean to get what you want,” Fulton said. “Just be nice and ask for what you want.”

That attitude is part of the reason Fulton has done amazing things like appear on 60 Minutes, sell pickles nine times on QVC, meet Paula Dean and appear in her magazine, introduce Vice President Joe Biden and appear in too many publications like Forbes to list here. But, her rise in the pickle world isn’t luck. Fulton is smart and she keeps get smarter when it comes to marketing and distributing the pickles she loves.

Albright wrapped up the event by letting each woman in attendance that they would be getting a free jar of Miss Jenny’s Pickles.

Fulton’s story started roughly four years ago when she got a call that nobody wants to get when they enjoy what they do for a living.

Fulton was at the beach on vacation when she got the call that would change her life. She had no idea what she would do next. She started searching to find her next career move, but all it took was a little encouragement from her husband, Bo to figure out she was about to enter the entrepreneur world.

The answer was found in Fulton’s childhood – particularly her grandmother’s pickle recipe.  Fulton was about to become known as “the pickle lady” through her new venture “Miss Jenny’s Pickles.”

With the help of her business partner, Ashlee Furr the duo started working, studying and learning everything they could about making pickles, canning pickles and distributing pickles. The first two years were filled with 15-hour days and countless cold calls. It was going to take work – a lot of work.

She wanted to name her new business after her grandmother, Mamie, but the name “Mamie’s” was already trademarked by a wafer cracker company. When she spoke to them about possibly using the name for her new business, they turned her down, stating that they were in the Fresh Market and implied that her product wasn’t up to their standards. Today, Miss Jenny’s Pickles are sold in major grocery stores throughout the Unites States and “Mamie’s” crackers are not.

As Miss Jenny spoke to the women of National Agents Alliance, she encouraged them to “think outside the jar” and that “every jar matters.” She told the ladies of The Alliance to believe because, “if you believe, it will happen—it just does!”

Fulton told the audience to “ask for the sale, ask for the business. The only thing they can say is no, and if they say no it is just because it’s the wrong timing. They can’t say no forever.”

She explained that each individual is the best person to sell their own story. Jane Albright laughed as she asked the audience, “What does a pickle have to do with what we do?  Do you get it now?”

Jenny Fulton

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