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Goads deliver powerful message at National Convention through faith and music

RALEIGH, N.C. – When Tim Goad and his family take center stage, their message of faith, commitment, music and leadership shines brightly and helps reinvigorate people in ways that can’t be measured on the surface.

Goad, the founder of Orlando, Fla.-based Tim Goad International, was flanked by his wife Gaye and their children, Blake, 14, and BreAnn, 11, when National Agents Alliance held its National Convention at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, N.C. on Jan. 21-23.

Goad, through his powerful message of hope and his family’s musical talents, helped entertain more than 2,000 people in attendance at the three-day event.

From kickoff until the event ended, the Goads were a fixture in breakout sessions and general sessions. BreAnn Goad, who was fighting off a cold, opened things by belting out the national anthem to get things started right. From stage, Tim, Gaye and BreAnn sang while Blake played the drums and provided his own vocal talents. The Goads even convinced the National Agents Alliance Ultimate MVP Board to join them on stage to help sing the 1970s classic “we are family.”

National Agents Alliance President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright said the decision to invite the Goads to the event was a slam dunk.

“It’s amazing how many people have called, emailed, written letters and told me how much they enjoyed having the Goads at our event,” Albright said. “Tim and his family have jumped in and helped us really focus on having fun, making money and — most importantly — making a difference.”

Tim Goad spoke during the agency manager meeting, the advisory board meeting, general session meetings and during a worship service during the weekend. He talked about how important it was to value relationships more than accomplishments because people matter in the end.

“I love the passion here,” Goad said. “I took a lot of notes. For my family to be able to sing, perform, speak and hug and love on people it doesn’t get any better.”

Goad said being around the people involved with National Agents Alliance was special to him, because of the people he’s developed relationships with.

“What an unbelievable weekend,” Goad said following the event. “I really do understand this whole idea of have fun, make money and make a difference. I just think it’s so powerful that people have a vehicle where they can be motivated. They can come into an environment and culture where the things that really build championship teams are here. The leaders are so focused on doing that. They can make money, prosper and truly build wealth in their lives and do it with their family. They can have fun, eat out, go on trips and make money, but also make a difference. To see Andy and Jane Albright’s heart on the make a difference part is special. When an agent makes a call, it’s so much more than that initial call for them. They realize the end result is so much bigger than just that first transaction. I can see the difference it makes for a person. It’s more about relationships.”

Sunday morning, following the optional worship service where Goad led a prayer for those who wanted to rededicate their religious faith, National Agents Alliance and the Albrights made a donation toward the missionary efforts of the Goads – specifically in Haiti.

Goad said the gesture moved his family, reinforcing the humanitarian efforts they so strongly believe in.

“There’s no way you can put words on a situation where you see something so dynamic, powerful and so eternal,” Goad said of the number of people who stepped forward to recommit their religious beliefs. “When you think about this vehicle in National Agents Alliance and the opportunity, it’s about so much more than insurance. Because of Jane and Andy’s heart, they’ve got this whole eternal insurance thing going on. It’s just life changing for me to stand there and see it happen for so many people. It just fills your heart with joy. It is life changing and you just know that a person’s life is changed for the better. They will be impacted and I live for changed lives, it’s the passion of my heart.”

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