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Goads excited about Spring Forward events in Atlanta, Baltimore

When National Agents Alliance hosts its Spring Forward events in Atlanta, Ga. and Baltimore, Md. April 27-29, attendees will hear the familiar sounds of the Goad family in both cities.

The Goads, who perform all over the world, have teamed up with National Agents Alliance, an insurance marketing organization, at 10 events in the last year, providing an uplifting message and music for thousands of people. NAA has hosted previous events in Raleigh, N.C.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Dallas, Texas and Las Vegas, Nev. Event organizers said more than 1,500 people were expected to attend the two events.

Tim Goad, who founded Tim Goad International, said being a part of the growth NAA has experienced in the last two years has been an honor for his family.

“We are seeing a miracle team for a miracle season,” Goad said of NAA. “Every now and then you get the chance in your life to see greatness being formed, where the potential and the work ethic and the heart and the attitude all come together. The team starts to understand its mission, value, its purpose, focus the difference it’s making where lives begin to be changed. You just feel and sense the energy, the emotion and that it’s time.”

Tim and his wife, Gaye serves as cultural advisors to National Agents Alliance and its agent force. BreAnn Goad (vocalist) and Blake Goad (drummer) join their parents on stage to perform music, providing top-notch entertainment for those in attendance.

“We are having so much fun at National Agents Alliance events,” Goad said. “To be a part of helping shape the culture and to help add value, to see so many lives being changed, so many relationships coming together, seeing people be productive, watching people being prosperous, watching people changing, it’s life changing and it’s what we live for. We live to see people’s lives touched and built. It’s a very humbling deal for us.”

NAA President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright said bringing the Goads to NAA events has made a positive difference for his company. He said watching agents interact with the Goad family has also been rewarding for him personally.

“First of all, they are just a talented family musically,” Albright said. “Then, you see how much they enjoy spending time with our team and it makes it even more important to have them at our events. We love the Goads.”

Tim Goad said he feels a huge wave of growth coming for National Agents Alliance, and he encouraged any person considering attending one of next week’s events to commit.

“It’s a lot like a slingshot being stretched and we are about to see an explosion that is just going to blow our minds,” Goad said. “The team is growing, the coaches are growing, the individuals are growing and I think people are starting to understand what they have their hands on and how special NAA is.”

If people don’t attend, however, Goad said it will be impossible to understand the impact the meetings have on the lives of so many.

“They’re never going to know until they get close,” Goad said. “If they are struggling, they need the function. If they are up, the function needs them. They are going to be a part of history, a part of culture, a part of a weekend that is going to be life changing and out of this weekend, the tone for the rest of their lives can be set. If they come they are going to get information. They are going to have fun, build meaningful relationships, they are going to be challenged, they are going to be inspired and they are going to be equipped at the next level.”

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