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Goodwin helps National Agents Alliance kick off ‘Fight To Unite’ National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Wayne Goodwin

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – For a number of years, North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has helped kick off National Agents Alliance’s National Convention.

This year, Goodwin delivered a home run again.

The Hamlet, N.C. native, who was elected to office in 2008. This time, Goodwin encouraged the audience to “Fight To Unite” with the Alliance in 2014, playing up the NAA theme for this year.

Goodwin let the crowd of insurance agents from across the United States that every state’s commissioner does things differently, but his goal is always to work with and not against agents helping people secure their financial future.

“It’s about working with you,” Goodwin said. “I see you as friends and colleagues. I’m here to help you.”

The role of an insurance commissioner is meant to provide customer service and help people, Goodwin said. He had high praise for National Agent Alliance President and CEO Andy Albright.

“Every time I come to one of your events, I get so pumped up,” Goodwin said. “North Carolina has a lot going on. I love coming to see all of you and there’s nobody I enjoy helping kick off an event more than Andy Albright. He is a good friend.”

During Goodwin’s kickoff message, he said the economy is starting to turn for the better. He said that the next two years could be huge for insurance agents.

“You and the work you do, you are going to see improvement in the year and the following year because I’m being told we’ve turned the corner and it’s coming. I believe many of you are going to do better than you ever have in the next two years.”

Goodwin closed by reassuring agents that he wants to help in any way he can. His office fields more than 100,000 calls regarding agents annually.

“I’m fighting with you and not against you,” Goodwin said. “Great things are ahead for this group. This group has a vision and you are going to be great. This is the year that you guys are going to fight to unite.”

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