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Insurance Agents Take Lesson in Success from Clebe McClary

Raleigh, NC – Motivational speaker and Vietnam veteran Clebe McClary delivered his message of courage and determination to over 1,400 agents this past September at the annual National Agents Alliance Leadership Conference.

McClary spoke of not giving up and begged the question, “What are you going to do with your day?” He also encouraged agents to put a date on their dreams in order to make them achievable goals.

National Agents Alliance has invited McClary to speak at several events in recent years. His teachings on perseverance and sustaining the pace of goals coincide with the views of NAA owners, President and CEO Andy Albright, Vice President Philip Hudgins, and Secretary and Treasurer Barry Clarkson.

“The people you associate with will influence your life, as well as what you read and watch,” said McClary.

After speaking at the conference, McClary stayed to sign autographs and take photos with the agents.

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