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Koopa Fields performs ‘Key to Tomorrow’ theme song at National Convention

Koopa Fields

RALEIGH, N.C. – Music songwriter, singer and producer Koopa Fields performed the “Key to Tomorrow” theme song on stage at National Agents Alliance’s National Convention in Raleigh in early February.

After writing, singing and producing the song, Fields was excited to perform it at the live event.

Fields said writing the “Key to Tomorrow” theme song was easy for him because he appreciates National Agents Alliance’s goals and values.

“I basically got an idea of what NAA is all about and I found that those things are in line with my goals for being driven and moving forward,” Fields said.

Fields said he picked a beat that would get people hyped and ready for a weekend of fun and exciting events.

In addition to working with National Agents Alliance to produce the “Key to Tomorrow” theme song, Fields has worked with large corporations, including Bojangles’, Zaxby’s, Mellow Mushroom, Firehouse Subs and the American Egg Board’s Incredible Edible Egg.

Bojangles’ contacted Fields after he shared a jingle he had created on the Bojangles’ Facebook fan page, and then he met with the higher-ups to create official jingles for the company.

Fields produces videos and songs and enjoys the work he does with these companies and others.

Fields was glad to work with National Agents Alliance and was pleased with the “Key to Tomorrow” theme song.

“The focus of NAA is similar to my focus,” Fields said. “So, that made it easy for me.”

The “Key to Tomorrow” theme song by Koopa Fields is available for a free download and can also be found on YouTube.

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