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Manalus picks up first GSB check with National Agents Alliance

Ray Manalus, of Las Vegas, Nevada, earned his first GSB check in October after posting three straight months of at least $30,000 in personal production with The Alliance.

Manalus believes in helping people and the GSB program has given Manalus another chance to help in a big way. He and his wife, Anne have selected Safe Nest to receive a $1,000 from The Alliance on their behalf.

Safe Nest opened in 1977 and has grown into Nevada’s largest and most comprehensive program devoted solely to domestic violence issues. Its mission is to be the leading advocate in promoting the eradication of domestic violence by providing confidential assistance including shelter, food, clothing, counseling, education and other services to individuals experiencing domestic violence while maintaining the highest respect and dignity for clients.

Manalus said earning a GSB check was a goal he set for himself when National Agents Alliance President and CEO Andy Albright announced the program. He said the feeling he will get from delivering the check is almost indescribable.

“It’s pure euphoric; It’s a thrill,” Manalus said. “It warms my heart. It’s the same feeling of delivering a check to a family that has lost a loved one. It’s the cool part of National Agents Alliance. You try to do the right things in life and this is one of them.

“There’s so much good that NAA does that goes beyond an agent getting a paycheck and this is a highlight no doubt. It’s a blessing from God that I will be able to share.”

Manalus, who started with National Agents Alliance in August of 2012, said he believes in helping your fellow man and constantly donates to charities and people in need.

“I want to do more and I want to win more GSB checks so I can help more people,” Manalus said. “The GSB falls in line with how I feel you should treat people. We have to love one another. That’s my attitude as a human being.”

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