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NAA Telemarketing Staff: The Heart of a Champion

National Agents Alliance staff member, Jason Whisman, also known as “Kamakazi Kid” is one of NAA’s telemarketing supervisors at the Maple Avenue corporate office. He is living proof that you can live out your childhood dream.

Whisman is the current CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, and has spent years training for the hard hits he takes in the ring. His commitment to being a champion is also shown through his hard work at the office. Jason is one of 50 employees at the Maple Avenue office and each week he helps his team reach an average of 1,100 underinsured families.

These are families who need agents to provide them with mortgage protection insurance. The telemarketing department is an integral part of NAA’s marketing system which provides agents a way to contact these families in need.

Jason Whisman has been working with National Agents Alliance for 5 years and says he loves it. He has been an important asset to the continued growth and success of the department.

Agents who qualified for the CFG party at the recent 2010 National Convention were given a chance to meet Jason alongside his teammate.

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