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National Agents Alliance President & CEO Requested to Meet with Head of Prominent Finnish University

Andy Albright, CEO of National Agents Alliance met with Will Cardwell, the head of Aalto University Center for Entrepreneurship in Helsinki to discuss his business success and new book, 8 Steps to Success.

Will is also currently CEO of Technopolis Ventures. He is on the board of a number of Finnish companies, and has been living in Finland with his family for over 13 years.

Albright and Cardwell discussed different opportunities to educate the people in the United States about Helsinki and how the countries can relate to each other.

“We talked about the possibility of having a student exchange program where students from each country could study abroad to learn each others’ culture. We felt it could reduce cultural tension.” said Andy Albright, President & CEO of National Agents Alliance.

He continued, “It was truly an experience. My son Spencer came with me and was able to meet people from other countries and see how other cultures operate. I would encourage anyone to get outside of their comfort zone and culture and see how other countries operate.”

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