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National Agents Alliance Storms Forward with “Instant Thunder” Meetings

At the NAA headquarters in Burlington, N.C. a storm is brewing and the force within is NAA’s President and CEO, Andy Albright.

31 agents attended what Andy Albright is calling “Instant Thunder” meetings. The meetings are intimate and hard core teachings on how to move forward with business and recruiting.

Albright interacted with the audience and even begged the question, “How big is your dream? How bad do you want to be free?” He continued, “The baby-boomers are looking at the transfer of wealth that is going on right now. Show them the plan. It’s insurance and it’s simple stuff.” said Albright.

The agents attending were able to ask questions and role-play on a much more personal level than the larger training meetings held on a regular basis.

“Are you interested? Yes or no?” asks Albright.

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