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National Agents Alliance’s Albright delivers ‘recruiting’ message to Keller Williams Realty in Austin, Texas

AUSTIN, Texas (November 18, 2010) – National Agents Alliance CEO and President Andy Albright delivered a powerful message to more than 400 of Keller Williams Realty’s top leaders — including Keller Williams CEO Mark Willis — during a Mega Achievement Productivity Systems Coaching conference at the Austin, Texas-based company’s headquarters Wednesday night.

Albright, who was a co-founder of National Agents Alliance in 2002, has quickly grown his company into a force in the insurance industry. The main focus of his speech was the importance of recruiting in any business – no matter how established.  Albright said it’s a must to continue to find ways to expand, become stronger and continually improve through the recruitment of new, talented people.

“In all organizations whether it’s churches or whatever the business we always need new heroes and success stories to come along,” Albright said. “If you stay the same and don’t reinvent yourself, then you have a dead organization or dead tissue. When you grow a business, you are bringing in new tissue and that’s when you have people that become new superstars and, in the process, you also rejuvenate some of your old superstars too.”

Albright said seeing the crowd’s reaction to his message got him even more excited about the future of National Agents Alliance, which continues to see growth even in a down economy.

“I was so fired up by that crowd,” Albright said. “I saw eyes opening up. I was very much rejuvenated by it. It was a great experience.”

For Albright, it was a chance to reconnect with Dianna Kokoszka, a good friend and the leader of 40 MAPS coaches at Keller Williams. Kokoszka, a diverse entrepreneur, author and speaker, arranged the speaking engagement, which Albright didn’t realize until he ran into her at a Philadelphia airport prior.

Albright, who met Kokoszka during a John C. Maxwell seminar on leadership, said the real estate industry’s reigning “Queen of Systems and Scripts” was very clear in what she wanted him to speak to her company’s top trainers and recruiters.

“I had no idea really what it was until we talked at the airport,” Albright said. “She told me, ‘I want you to fly to our headquarters and speak to our people from all over the country.’ Being that is was here in Austin, I was so excited. Man, I was so fired up!

Several comments were quickly posted on Facebook pages after Albright’s speech. The comments were positive, and some came from people who weren’t even in attendance but heard from friends.

Windell Courson wrote: “I just talked to some of the participants at the Leadership Training and they told me that you stole the show!”

MAPS Coaching’s award-winning program is based on offering personalized coaching, business planning, and high-level accountability for those committed to growing their business and income as swiftly as possible.

“She said she wanted her people to hear from an outside organization as to what some of our techniques were and she wanted her folks to hear how we do things and why we do them. It was a big deal for me to be asked to speak to that group.”

Keller Williams’ MAPS coaching system is similar to National Agents Alliance’s President’s Club, which Albright was instrumental in starting.

“It’s a lot like our President’s Club but it’s more sophisticated than ours because it’s been around for 30-plus years,” Albright said. “I’ve always been impressed with the MAPS system.”


National Agents Alliance is an innovative lead generation and marketing organization that sells life insurance, annuities, and other financial services products through more than 7,000 active independent sales representatives in 50 states. Focused on serving middle-income families, National Agents Alliance is the #1 United States provider of mortgage protection insurance and offers a broad array of other affordable products from highly regarded companies such as Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, and ING. Since its inception in 2002, National Agents Alliance has helped more than 670,000 families successfully apply for more than $78 billion in life insurance coverage.

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Keller Williams Realty, is an Austin, Texas-based, real estate franchise company with over 78,000 real estate agents, operating in more than 695 market centers (offices) across the United States and Canada. Keller Williams Realty is currently the third-largest residential real estate company in the United States.

Keller Williams is home of MREA – The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Our coaches are mega agents themselves who have been selected specifically to build the next generation of Keller Williams’ Mega Agents. These hand selected MREA experts have mastered the systems and models outlined in Gary Keller’s best-selling book. They’ve been through extensive training with Dianna Kokoszka in order to teach people how to master these key real estate principles.

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