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National Agents Alliance’s Albrights help provide families a traditional Thanksgiving meal


National Agents Alliance’s Albrights helping Loaves and Fishes provide families a traditional Thanksgiving meal this week

Albrights donating turkeys for fifth straight year to Burlington-based food ministry

BURLINGTON, N.C. (November 23, 2010) – Every Thanksgiving season, Brenda Allen of Loaves & Fishes, a local food ministry, can’t wait to hear from National Agents Alliance’s Jane Albright.

For the fifth straight year, Jane Albright, wife of National Agents Alliance CEO and President Andy Albright, called Allen to see how many more turkeys her non-profit organization needed donated in order to feed more than 7,000 people in and around Alamance County.

Allen’s number? 150 turkeys.

Every year the number is different, but Jane Albright’s answer is always the same. The number doesn’t matter to the Albright family, who once again made sure Loaves & Fishes would meet its turkey quota for Thursday’s meals.

“It’s something I don’t like to advertise, but it’s something we like to do,” Jane Albright said Tuesday. “For our family, it isn’t Thanksgiving without a turkey. We want families to be able to enjoy a turkey together because it’s an important time for us where we sit down and eat together. We don’t do it for recognition and we don’t even like people to know we are doing it. We do it because we are able and want to do it. It gives us a good feeling doing it.”

Allen, the executive director and founder of Loaves & Fishes, said close to 7,000 people will be able to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal Thursday, thanks to donations from churches, businesses and people like the Albrights.

By Thursday afternoon, Allen estimates that more than 6,200 turkeys will have been served to families that otherwise would not have been able to afford a turkey and other traditional side dishes on Thanksgiving.

Allen said she didn’t get her first turkey donation until last Thursday, which made the last week hectic trying to make sure each family would have a full meal. She said Food Lion helped with costs by keeping each turkey to around 14 pounds.

Allen said the first time Jane Albright called to help provide turkeys she was “shocked” by her generosity. Now, she looks forward to the call every year.

“Jane called me Tuesday and said, ‘hey, this is the turkey fairy.’ How many turkeys do you need this year,” Allen said. “Jane’s just our special angel because she calls and asks how many we need to feed all the people. It’s just awesome. She’s doesn’t even want people to know she’s doing it.

“She’s helping so many people and she doesn’t realize how much it means. That’s the best part about it. Some people want to give you something that’s a dollar and they want all this praise and credit. Then, there’s somebody that gives so much like (the Albrights) and they don’t want any recognition or credit for it.”


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Loaves & Fishes is a local independent ecumenical food ministry located in Burlington, N.C. that provides groceries to hungry families in Alamance County and five surrounding counties. Loaves & Fishes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported entirely by individuals, churches, foundations, businesses, schools and civic organizations, and does not receive any funds from local, state or federal government. A small staff, 500 dedicated volunteers, and a base of local support enable Loaves & Fishes to accomplish offering assistance, encouragement and empowerment to people in need through the distribution of food and limited financial assistance without regard to race, gender, orientation or social economic status.

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