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National Agents Alliance awards five GSB checks in October

BURLINGTON, N.C. – National Agents Alliance has awarded six $1,000 Good Samaritan Bonus checks to four agents, NAA President and CEO Andy Albright announced on Nov. 19.

Michele Alleman, Bryan Mendenhall, Ray Manalus and Ron Occeus all earned checks based on personal production during the last three months. Alleman also earned a second GSB check based on personal production during the last six months.

“We are extremely excited for Michele, Bryan, Ray and Ron for earning their first GSB checks,” Albright said. “The GSB program is a great way for our team to make a difference in many different areas. I’m proud of each of our October winners.”

Agents writing at least $30,000 monthly for three straight months earn a $1,000 check for their preferred charity or organization. Additionally, agents writing at least $20,000 for six consecutive months earn a $1,000 check, and agents writing $10,000 for 12 straight months earn a $1,000 check.

The Alliance has donated $18,000 in bonus check on behalf of its agents to various charities and organizations across the United States this year. The company is on pace to donate more than $50,000 through the GSB program based on current projections.

The Good Samaritan Bonus is designed to help charities and non-profit organizations as possible in 2013. Agents can earn up to $7,000 in bonus checks by hitting goals of $30,000 for three straight months, $20,000 for six straight months or $10,000 for 12 consecutive months this year.

Be sure to check to learn about the different charities benefitting from the GSB program this year.

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