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National Agents Alliance Awards Students with College Scholarships

Three lucky high school students are $500 closer to their dreams of college thanks to the National Agents Alliance scholarship program.

The program was started in 2005 to give deserving high school seniors financial assistance with college tuition. The $500 scholarships are awarded monthly, up to an annual total of $12,000.  HannaLore Hein from Boulder, Colorado and Courtney Smith from Ann Arbor, Missouri are the April recipients. Megan Tate of Memphis, Tennessee is the May recipient.

Students are chosen based on their academic achievements and must have plans to attend an institution of higher learning after graduation. The scholarship committee also looks for students who are actively involved in community service.  Recipients can be any age but must be enrolled or accepted at a college or university.

“At National Agents Alliance, we believe in the importance of giving back to our communities and helping those that can’t always help themselves. We are proud to give these students a hand with their college education and an opportunity to become tomorrow’s leaders,” said CEO Andy Albright.

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