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National Agents Alliance Donates Supplies to Food Ministry

National Agents Alliance is not only protecting families, they are helping families in need. Throughout the year, National Agents Alliance contributes to a program called Angel Food Ministries.

Angel Food Ministries is a church-based food program which provides boxes of food to families for a fraction of the price. National Agents Alliance has supplied the program with boxes for over 2 years now.

“It saves us a lot of time and money to come here and pick up all the supplies we need in one swoop,” says Angel Food Ministries volunteer, Hank Groom. “Usually we’d have to beg stores for them, but we stop by here now.”

“We decided to help because of NAA’s dedication to public service,” said Diane Reagan of NAA. “It’s also a good way of recycling some of our supplies.”

Angel Food Ministries take donations year-round, for more information about the program, visit

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