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National Agents Alliance helps ‘Feed the Hunger’ at Packathon

BURLINGTON, N.C. – Members of the corporate staff at National Agents Alliance partnered with Feed the Hunger and other volunteers to help pack 15,120 servings of food to be distributed to children in need in Alamance County, Iraq and Bangladesh on Dec. 11 at Holly Hill Mall during its annual Christmas Packathon.

More than 60 volunteers participated in the event, and enough food packets were assembled to feed 63 children one meal a day for an entire year. The Alliance sent five volunteers and they were responsible for assembling 963 servings of food in less than two hours. The goal is to feed the physical, educational and spiritual hunger of at-risk children overseas and in Alamance County.
NAA President and CEO Andy Albright said he was happy his staff could give back to Alamance County and others in need.

The Alliance Team Members at the Feed the Hunger Packathon 2015

“It’s always important to help others in need and it seems like it is even more important during the holidays,” Albright said. “We believe in making a difference at The Alliance. I’m proud of our team for volunteering with Feed the Hunger and I think our staff got more out of it because it made them feel good. It is amazing how something that seems so simple to us can have such a far reaching impact on the lives of thousands of people on the other side of the world.”
Each nutritious meal consists of four ingredients – dehydrated vegetables, a scoop of pinto beans, vitamin powder and rice. These ingredients, which together provide complete nutrition, are packaged in six-serving meal packets that are then weighed, sealed, and boxed. Packing and distributing the food costs only .28 cents per meal.

Allison Davis, Mac Heffner, Kim Moore, Kaitlin Reckert and Kassie Whitaker comprised the team sent by The Alliance.

Whitaker, who works in the Lead Performance Team at NAA, said she was honored to be asked to take part in such a great event and to be able to help a great organization like Feed the Hunger.
“Knowing that I was able to help pack boxes of food to feed people in need all over the world makes me very grateful and thankful for all that I have,” Whitaker said. “It was a good feeling to help provide some basic things to people here locally and worldwide. This event made my heart full. I’m blessed to work for a company like The Alliance that allows us to be able to give back in so many different ways.”
Reckert, who works in the accounting department at NAA, echoed Whitaker’s comments and added that the event was a great way to start the Christmas season.

“There’s no better way to start it than by helping others,” Reckert said. “It is easy to forget how blessed we are, and this event reminded me of that. It is amazing to know what we accomplished as a team, and the impact our efforts will have both locally and internationally. I’m thankful that The Alliance believes so strongly in giving back.”

Feed the Hunger “is an evangelical mission organization that connects followers of Jesus Christ with strategic leaders domestically and overseas to help fulfill the Great Commission.” The Alliance has volunteered at the Burlington Christmas Packathon for six straight years
For more information on Feed the Hunger, visit

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