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National Agents Alliance helps refurbish school for children in St. Lucia

National Agents Alliance and Foresters teamed up to make a difference at the Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School in St. Lucia. With more than 150 agents volunteering, a vast amount of efforts were made to complete the project of the new and improved school.

Be sure to see video of the project too

During the day agents cleaned rocks out of the playground, painted the sidewalks with games, painted murals on the walls, painted picnic tables, painted lines in the parking lot, built platforms and cleaned and replaced several metal grates for draining.

“It was cool to see the kids at the school that we were doing the work for. It was great to see the kids whose lives we were affecting.” said NAA staff member, Matt Taflan.

The children gave thanks to the volunteers by singing to them. The Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary school has a total of 970 students.

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