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National Agents Alliance is Second Nature to the Nature Boy

Burlington, NC – Former WWE wrestler and champion “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair attended a meeting of top agency managers at NAA headquarters last Thursday to share his own brand of motivational speaking.

Flair placed emphasis on having a winning spirit and a positive attitude in order to remain focused and in the game. “Success is determined by how much effort you put in. You can’t question yourself… You can’t be self conscious of anything. Have confidence in knowing who you are.” Flair also highlighted the importance of protecting loved ones and applauded the agency managers for their admirable work of protecting families.

Over 50 managers heard Flair’s words of encouragement. Like Ric Flair, National Agents Alliance motivates its agents to have a winning spirit and commit to growing their business.

Ric Flair stayed after speaking to take photos, sign autographs, and deliver a few of his signature knife edge chops for lucky fans.

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