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National Agents Alliance Re-Charges their Agents Batteries

National Agents Alliance held its first annual 2009 NAA President’s Club ReCharge Summit for its agents at the NAA headquarters.

“This event was about productive people using productive resources to push forward. We wanted the leaders of the company to attend and get re-charged in their vision for where we are going as a team and as a company.” said President and CEO, Andy Albright.

Agency Managers, Kirk and Peggy Falk said, “We think these 2 days were the best meetings we’ve ever been to with National Agents Alliance!  Packed chock full of invaluable information; well-organized, lots of new ideas, motivation and inspiration pouring from every speaker, no-nonsense tips for really growing wisely, as well as guidance from our leaders’ brilliant minds. We were blessed and honored to be part of the event! “

Over 300 NAA President’s Club members were in attendance for the conference.

The NAA President’s Club is a training tool that offers intense training for agents through MP3’s, conference calls, and videos.  For more information on the NAA President’s Club, go to for more information.

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