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National Agents Alliance team working on final preparations for National Convention

BURLINGTON, N.C. – If you spent time around the National Agents Alliance headquarters this week, there was no doubt an even higher excitement level than normally seen around the typically bustling office.

The explanation for the additional activity was simple: National Agents Alliance’s “Be Your Own Rock Star” Version 2.0 National Convention.

The event, which starts Friday at the Raleigh Convention Center in the Tar Heel State’s capital city, will feature an estimated crowd of 3,000 people from across the United States, keynote speaker and best-selling author Jon Gordon and Debbie Yow, the North Carolina State University director of athletics.

Hosting a three-day event of this magnitude is no small undertaking. Thousands of hours were spent planning and preparing the event, and the final touches won’t be put in place until Thursday afternoon when the NAA staff effectively takes over downtown Raleigh.

National Agents Alliance President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright said he is proud of the effort of his entire team in planning, preparing and executing all the work it takes to pull off an event this size.

“It really does take a team and it takes teamwork,” Albright said. “I tell people all the time how amazing my staff is and these type of events are when our people get to showcase their talents to the thousands of people that will be in attendance in Raleigh later this week. I couldn’t be prouder of the work that has been done so far and I can’t wait to get things started on Friday.”

Once everything was packed and set for the hour-long drive to Raleigh, logistics and event coordinator Tony Hardee said it would end up taking between four and five days to transport everything to the Raleigh Convention Center.

“It takes a lot of planning to pull off an event and do it the right way,” Hardee said. “With our team, we’ve had a lot of practice at it and I can safely say we are confident this will be the best event we’ve had since we started holding these larger events.”

Katie Reavis, NAA’s event coordinator, said staff members started arriving in Raleigh on Wednesday and that will continue Thursday morning and afternoon as pieces continue being finalized and ready for Friday’s kickoff. Reavis said she has been pleased with the efforts from each department and team member thus far.

“We stress that holding a successful event isn’t possible without everybody doing his or her part,” Reavis said. “It’s nice to have a team that is willing to do whatever is needed to make this event special for each of our guests. With each event we host, our team continues to raise the level of expectations and we keep getting better.”

National Agents Alliance was the first major event held at the RCC in September of 2008. NAA held a second event there in Jan. of 2009, and 2012 will mark the third consecutive year that the company has held two events annually in January and July.

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