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Nevada’s Albright visits National Agents Alliance team

Jane Albright, head women’s basketball coach at the University of Nevada, visited National Agents Alliance on Monday to meet with President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright and to speak to the corporate staff.

Jane Albright, a first cousin of Andy Albright, grew up in Graham, N.C.; played collegiately at Appalachian State University and began a coaching career that led her to Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Wichita State and her current job in Reno, Nev. She’s coached teams to NCAA and WNIT appearances, often seeking jobs where those accolades had never been achieved.

Albright has coached alongside Tennessee women’s coach Pat Summitt, who has won more 1,000 games – more than any other men’s or women’s Division I coach. She also had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with the late John Wooden, UCLA’s legendary men’s basketball coach who won 10 NCAA titles in his career. Albright led the Wolf Pack to a school record for wins during the 2010-11 season.

After touring NAA headquarters, Albright spent time with the corporate staff and fielded questions from several staff members.

Jane Albright & Andy Albright

Andy Albright said after spending time with his cousin in March of 2011, he wanted her to meet his team.

“The things she talks about are the same kind of things I try to express to people about leadership, even though she expresses it in a much better way,” Andy Albright said. “I enjoy hanging around her and talking to her. I wanted to get her around my staff because she thinks a lot like I do.”

The veteran coach encouraged the National Agents Alliance team to not be afraid to make mistakes, but cautioned them to learn and not repeat missteps.

“It’s when you keep making the same mistakes over and over that you have trouble,” Jane Albright said. “You can do your very best and fall on your face. How you react to each other will define who you are.”

Albright shared her “STUFF” (STUPH: Servanthood, Thankfulness, Unity, Passion and Humility) philosophy that her players follow.

“You can get really good individually, but if you don’t get really good as a team it doesn’t matter,” Albright said. “It makes no difference. … The name on the chest matters more than the name on the back.”

Jane Albright praised Andy Albright for allowing his staff to choose one book a month – at their choosing – to grow personally and in their occupation.

“People don’t read,” Jane Albright said. “The books you are reading are awesome. If you can develop that discipline to just read and think about that stuff, it makes a huge difference.

“Andy believes you are more important than his corporation and his company. That’s why you work hard for him and it’s a special gift when somebody invests in people like that.”

Albright, who just completed her third season at Nevada, wrapped up her visit by telling the group to keep things in perspective.

“Life is a process,” Jane Albright said. “Today is not going to be your best day. You are going to do stupid things, but you have to get up and forgive yourself.”

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