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Newby says life insurance saved her family after loss of husband

Tara Newby and Family at NAA's Key to Tomorrow Leadership Conference

Tara Newby knows how important life insurance is.

She knows, not because of some boring statistic she read in a trade publication or on the web, but because her life was forever changed four years ago.

Thankfully, she and her husband, Preston had life insurance.

Newby, who spoke to The Alliance at the “Key To Tomorrow” Leadership Conference July 13, recounted a terrible accident that ended with her husband being hit by a car, after he tried to help others who had collided with an elk. Tara Newby rushed to her husband’s side, prayed with her 24-year-old husband and sang “Jesus Loves Me” to him because she didn’t know what else to do. Preston Newby died in Tara’s arms moments later.

The situation would have been much worse if it hadn’t been for the Newbys’ decision a few years earlier to buy life insurance.

“We discussed how, if one of us passed away, the other would want to stay home with the children,” Tara Newby said.

Unfortunately, the discussion became reality when Tara, who was 10 weeks pregnant with her second child, when Preston’s life was tragically cut short. Thankfully, because of life insurance, Tara was able to be a full-time mother to Jacob and Micah. She paid off her student loans and other debts.

More importantly, Tara was able to grieve and focus on her family.

“With so much to stress about while raising two children, it’s a blessing not to have to worry about finances,” Tara said. “I feel like it was Preston’s last gift to us.”

Preston Newby was a youth pastor who “lived to serve other people,” Tara says. In trying to help others, he lost his own life. He was a man who lived his faith out loud. He wasn’t shy about letting others know he was on God’s team. It’s been four years since his death and Tara says she’s a better person because of her late husband.

Tara Newby said insurance agents should use her story as a lesson and example of why what they do for families is so important.

“I hope that I will be a ‘Key To Tomorrow’ for you,” Tara told the audience. “Remember me when your client says, ‘we don’t need it’ or ‘we can’t afford it.’ Remember me, so that those left behind can live in peace. Go and do your job well!”

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