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Occeus chases down GSB bonus in October

BURLINGTON, N.C. – Ron Occeus earned his first Good Samaritan Bonus check in October, after posting three straight months of at least $30,000 in personal production.

Occeus, who lives in Providence, Rhode Island, said since the GSB was introduced he had been working hard to earn the chance to give away $1,000 to charity. Occeus, who is originally from Haiti, selected Boston Mothers Care to receive his bonus check.

Boston Mothers Care is a volunteer group who came together in January of 2012 after an earthquake rocked Haiti and left massive devastation. BMC responds to the needs of families in remote areas of Haiti that are routinely overlooked by relief efforts. BMC provides healthcare, community development planning and neighborhood stabilization in Haiti with the help of Boston residents and surrounding areas.

“Being from Haiti, I know this organization has been doing a lot of great work,” Occeus said. “They are empowering women who are trying to raise children and they are creating jobs and helping with taking care of children in Haiti.”

Occeus, who joined The Alliance in March of 2012, said he had never donated $1,000 to a charity before.

“Never, never, never in my life,” Occeus said. “That’s why I worked so hard. I’ve been chasing that thing for the longest time and I finally got it. I’m so happy. I plan on doing it a few more times.”

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