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Bill Cook

Bill Cook says every day is a new story with National Agents Alliance.

When Cook started out with NAA, he looked at what the successful leaders were doing and he was introduced to the 8 team player steps. After looking at the “8 steps” Cook said, “This is a company that believes in me being the best me I can possibly be. Because of that, this becomes the greatest company in the world. That is something I can firmly stand behind.”

Cook has become one of NAA’s top personal producers and he credits his success toward improving daily and committing to excellence in all that he does. NAA has given Cook more time to spend with his family. He and his wife Linda have four children; Stone, Jillian, Kristi and William. Cook and his family enjoy vacationing at the beach. Through NAA, Cook has been able to achieve his dreams of doing more traveling, playing more golf and taking more trips with his family.

Cook recalls an appointment that reassured him of why his job is so important.

“While on an appointment, I asked a woman what her greatest concern was,” Cook said. “She had told me that she had a million dollars in insurance. So I asked what she needed this for, then I realized what she had was an accident-only policy and she worked 80 hours a week to provide for her mother. It was then I realized how important this protection was for her and her family since she had no other protection.”

Cook’s hobbies include golfing, reading, writing and traveling with National Agents Alliance. He served in the United States Air Force prior to getting his insurance license.

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