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Daniel Gillingham

Mill Creek, WA

Previous Occupation: Corporate Facility Planning

Previous Income: $80,000

Current Income: $100,000

Daniel Gillingham was born & raised in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh and went to college at the University of Texas at Arlington, where he studied architecture & design. He lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for 16 years, where he started and managed a health equipment business from 1977-1982. In 1983 he began a corporate career in the office interior industry as a facilities planner & office interiors consultant, which eventually brought him to Seattle, Washington. He left that industry in 2003 to work as a health & life insurance agent serving self-employed individuals and small businesses in Washington. Dan is a proud father of a 16-year old daughter, Fallon, who planning to study farm & ranch management in college. Fallon’s dream is to breed, raise and train horses.

Dan was introduced to National Agents Alliance in June of 2005 and was recruited by Alex Fitzgerald about a month later. “I was absolutely excited about the National Agents Alliance opportunity; it was an answer to prayer. I could see the integrity in the organization and knew it was a track that I could run on.”

Dan made a decision while attending his first NAA National Conference in January 2006 to build an agency with a base shop in Washington State. Dan believes the National Agents Alliance business model is the finest business opportunity for those individuals who have the desire and commitment to work and create their own future, to achieve their dreams and goals.

“National Agents Alliance provides the solid foundation and the tools to help you build a business to whatever height you want to take it. The income levels one can achieve with National Agents Alliance are incredible, and when combined with the association of the finest men & women, well, you cannot find a better environment to work and achieve success.”

Dan is growing the agency beyond Washington and is excited about helping the agents on his team achieve their goals as producers and leaders. “When I recruit a new agent, I want to know about their goals and their dreams, so that I can help them. I also want them to know that beyond what I can do for them as an individual, is an incredible system of support that only keeps getting better. I want them to know how to utilize the National Agents Alliance system to their advantage.”

“I am absolutely proud to be associated with National Agents Alliance and 100% committed to our mission of serving, helping and protecting American families. Thank you, National Agents Alliance and thank you Fitz for this awesome opportunity.”

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