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George & Penny Wilson

George Wilson was living in Central Florida working the real estate market when the market went south quickly in the late 1990s. “Flipping houses” as George calls it, was not going to lead to long-term financial stability. The days of buying something and turning it into a quick profit were long gone for George.

“My wife Penny and I had been buying, fixing up and selling starter homes to first-time buyers with ‘no money down’ using gifting programs in Central Florida like Nehemiah and Neighborhood Gold,” George said. “When things started getting really tough, I got started in the mortgage business with a friend about 1999.”

The mortgage market was hot then and George did fairly well. Around 2004 things started to slow down for George, while many others were “killing it” and “making a ton of money” in the mortgage industry.

“I wasn’t one of them,” George said. “My heart just wasn’t in it. I was looking for something else, but there just didn’t seem to be anything out there that made sense to me.” George met Bill Lampe, who urged him to come to a meeting in Dallas. George figured he had nothing to lose by seeing what Lampe was so excited about. After all, things were not good in George Wilson’s mind because he didn’t feel good about himself, wasn’t able to keep his wife Penny at home and take care of their two sons – Jaryd and Jake. What did he have to lose by going to a meeting? Lampe sat George down in July 2006 and told him the deal was in insurance. George wasn’t sold at all.

“I was a little leery,” George said. “I knew insurance was important but I never saw myself as an agent. Bill explained to me that NAA was different because of how their lead system works. After a few minutes it made total sense to me. I told Bill, ‘If this is legal, I’m in.’ It was so I went and got my license.”

George said trusting Bill and Diane Lampe played a vital role in his decision to join National Agents Alliance. He also said their support and insight convinced him to try it for 12 months without hesitation.

“Bill worked with me personally and sent me to Manitowoc, Wisconsin! I drove 15 hours straight through from Dallas and went to my first appointment with no sleep! I was so nervous … crazy, right? I had never done anything like this before. I called Bill from every appointment that weekend. I wore him out! Well, I wrote over $12,000 my first weekend and I was walking on air! I knew right then and there that no matter what, from now on I have total control of my income and my future. What a great feeling! We made over $40,000 the last three months of 2006, and over $250,000 in 2007 and we have averaged over $300,000 every year since.”

George’s wife Penny was able to quit her job in April of 2007 and the couple has worked together ever since. George said his wife is the backbone of their business. Now, Jaryd, their 21-year-old son, works with them and is building his own team.

“Joining NAA after sitting down with Bill Lampe five years ago was the best decision I have ever made,” George said. “Except for marrying Penny of course!”

George’s next goal is to create a $1 million per month agency in the next two years, and to help as many people on their team reach their financial goals.

“Through the leadership of Andy Albright, anyone who is coachable, accountable and, oh yeah, willing to make the necessary changes in their life and work hard can become a better version of themselves,” George said. “And make a lot of Money helping American Families!”

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