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Grace & Alan McGill

Plano, TX

Previous Occupation: Construction

Previous Income: Unknown

Current Income: $115,000

Alan and Grace were both born to working class families; Alan in Minnesota, Grace in south Texas. Both have been committed to a strong work ethic and the notion of financial independence their whole lives.

After serving in the U.S. Army as a sergeant and some college at the University of Minnesota, Alan McGill embarked on a successful career in sales where he met Grace who had graduated from Pan American University and owned her own gift business in Dallas. They were married in Dallas and had two children. Alan and Grace have been proud Dallas, TX residents for over 25 years.

Over the years they both became involved in real estate and construction. While money was never an issue, time always was. “Alan and I worked all the time before NAA. We had all the nice things but never had time to enjoy them. We never saw each other and we missed a lot of time with the kids.” They knew they needed to change something.

In 2006 Grace joined National Agents Alliance part-time. Alan joined her soon after. They became six figure earners and agency managers within a year. “The system is everything. We owe all of our success to it.”

“The money is great but not worrying about the pressure of doing it by yourself is what I love,” says Alan. “Working with great people like Andy and Fitz and knowing they’ve got your back is priceless.”

Alan and Grace are proud to be part of National Agents Alliance and to be directly mentored by Andy Albright and Alex Fitzgerald. They enjoy the integrity of the leaders at NAA as well as their fun-loving attitude. “The integrity and character of NAA leaders is unparalleled because of the passion of Andy. There is nothing else like it,” says Alan. “We’re here because we want to be here.”

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