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Greg & Christine Scheitlin

Weston, TX

Previous Occupation: Real Estate

Previous Income: Unknown

Current Income: $100,000

Greg and Chris Scheitlin have a desire to positively affect people’s lives. They have always poured themselves into everything they have attempted, demonstrating that anything worth doing is a reflection of their passion.

Greg Scheitlin was born in Illinois and raised in Columbus, Indiana. He attended Purdue University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He has been an avid athlete, winning awards in many sports including hockey, swimming, cycling and golf. Christine Scheitlin was born and raised in Tennessee. Being a passionate, caring person, she was naturally drawn into the medical field. As a critical care nurse, her mission was to save lives. She loved the challenge of caring for the most critically ill patient, helping them return to health both physically and mentally and helping them get back to the life God gave them to live. Greg and Chris met in 1987. They fell in love and married in 1993.

Chris began to look for business ventures that she could begin. At the time Greg was doing extraordinarily well and was able to support the family. Chris focused on the real estate investment markets and ultimately became a mentor to others. A person brought Chris a real estate deal he wanted her to help with. He was partnered with a couple that was searching for additional backing, Bill and Diane Lampe. After a few years, Diane and Chris really felt they needed to look for a different direction. Bill Lampe came across National Agents Alliance and naturally told Chris and Greg about it. National Agents Alliance made sense, and Greg and Chris joined as two of Bill and Diane’s first agents.

They attended the January 2006 NAA National Convention, bringing a few others with them. The convention had a great impact and led to Greg and Chris committing to National Agents Alliance. The Scheitlins shared National Agents Alliance with others immediately. Chris said the “ultimate heartfelt satisfaction” comes from sharing the dream with people who want more out of life.

By October 2006, the Scheitlin team was submitting more than $75,000 in premium per month. Greg and Chris Scheitlin achieved agency manager status in February 2007, becoming the second agency manager team to breakout of The Lampe Group. In developing leaders with like-minded goals, they achieved Master Agency and helped Bethany Ashby become an agency manager by September 2007.

The Scheitlins’ goals are to be a strong force within National Agents Alliance and to have at least 12 agency managers within the next year who want to share the dream with others.

“If people have dreamed of being in business for themselves, the sky is the limit here,” Chris said. “There is no one limiting our profits except ourselves. It is truly being in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”

Greg and Chris have this advice for new agents:

  1. Listen. Be coachable and teachable.
  2. Have a “can do” attitude. You will always find a way.
  3. Constantly plug into the system and read books for personal and professional growth.
  4. Be committed to fine tuning your skills so you can become a pro in every aspect.
  5. Be committed to going all the way. You “win” by doing the right things for the right reason.

“The system and training support from corporate to the team leaders is state of the art providing everything people need to succeed, especially now with NAAtv,” Chris said.” There is no reason to not be successful. We are doing the right things for the right reason for the right people – from the clients we serve to the agents we hire into our organization. It is the most powerful uplifting program we have ever seen. And we are richly rewarded for our efforts!”

Greg and Chris are working side by side toward financial freedom with a simple system that works. They feel they are a part of an extended family of ordinary people achieving extraordinary things. Along the way, they plan to give to people less fortunate than they are through various charitable organizations and acts of kindness.

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