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Mike & Michele Alleman

Michele Alleman discovered National Agents Alliance when a friend invited her to Dallas, Texas to attend an opportunity meeting.

Alleman had been in Medicare Advantage plan sales for a few years and had been fairly successful at it. However, it was a highly stressful environment to work in and Alleman was looking for another avenue to make money.

Alleman visted with Alex Fitzgerald and his team in Dallas, TX.

“I went through his new agent training and I was hooked,” Alleman said. “I found myself introduced to a number of people that were making excellent money and were happy with what they were doing.”

Because Alleman decided to drive five hours to see what NAA is about, her family’s future was forever changed.

“I wonder where we would be today?” Alleman said.

During the last four years, Michele and Mike Alleman have seen their business grow each year. It grew to such a level that Mike was able to leave a six-figure income job and join Michele’s team.

“Now we have the opportunity of a life time to build something on our own terms,” Michele Alleman said. “Mike and I are building a business that will generate three agency managers over the next year and within the next five years will have a minimum of 10 recognized managers.”

Alleman said her goal for 2011 is to make $300,000, while she wants to hit $800,000 in 2012.

“We know we will achieve this and more with the system and support that NAA provides,” Alleman said.

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