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Speakers encourage community at Women’s Seminar with Jane Albright

Womens Seminar

The Women’s Seminar with Jane Albright took place at the Raleigh Convention Center on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013 at National Agents Alliance’s 2013 National Convention.

The seminar began at 4 p.m. and lasted until about 7 p.m., and as the beginning of the seminar neared, the female audience began pouring into the room. Hundreds of women filled the seating and standing space in the room as the nine speakers prepared for their turns at the podium.

Gaye Goad opened the seminar with a prayer, and then thanked Jane for her vision for the women of National Agents Alliance.

“Jane had a vision,” Goad said. “Ladies need a place to grow and come together.”

During her talk, Jane encouraged the audience to surround themselves with supportive people who lift them up. The thankfulness for Albright’s dedication to creating a community of support for the women in The Alliance was a common element of each lady’s message that night.

Albright highlighted the common theme among the speakers, thanking them for preparing and sharing their stories.

“If you haven’t picked up on a common theme,” Albright said, “it’s how they do what they do, and how to get out of the slumps and how to get out of the quicksand and how to move forward, no matter what struggle you’re going through.”

The ladies each shared their tactics for getting through tough times in their personal lives. The women covered all aspects of life, from business to marriage, physical health to spiritual health, and mental to emotional health.

Rather than neglecting any of these areas when life seems overwhelming, Heather Fitzgerald encouraged the women to understand that the opposite is necessary to get themselves out of their “black holes.”

“The fuel of life has got to be your passion,” Fitzgerald said.

Diane Lampe offered encouragement for women who partner with their husbands in running the business. Although it can be overwhelming to take care of household duties in addition to business, she insisted that wives offering support for their husbands is an essential part of both a wife and a husband’s individual and united success.

“We have to stand tall and be the supporters,” Lampe said.

Gina Hawks, the special guest speaker for the Women’s Seminar, said that loving what she does makes it easier to juggle all of her responsibilities.

“I know that I’m working in my purpose,” Hawks said. “It’s not hard because it comes natural to me. It’s a blessing to do what I love.”

Hawks said her process for getting out of black holes begins with a simple task: acknowledging how she got herself into the black hole. She insisted that people’s actions, thoughts and choices are often what get them into tough times, and are also what get people out of those times.

Hawks, like the other speakers, encouraged the audience to seek encouragement and advice from friends who will lift them up. Having constant support and encouragement, along with self-awareness and determination, she said, is what it takes to get out of slumps and move forward.

The seminar ended with an exchange of gifts between the speakers and Albright, as a way of expressing gratitude for the support and the family they have created by banding together to make life’s ups and downs more enjoyable.

The family they have found at The Alliance, the speakers said, is a priceless gift that they can’t imagine living without.

“My kids have dreams and aspirations because people at NAA are supportive and my kids have seen true family,” Beth Winebrenner said.

The women expressed their sincere understanding and support of all of the responsibilities women in the business have on a daily basis. Many of the speakers offered their time and advice for any women with questions or who simply needed someone to talk to.

Thankfulness filled the room as the seminar ended and the women stood together by the podium. The seminar extended the community of support that Albright has created for women through her women’s seminars, contests and other activities within The Alliance.

“Association is everything,” Hollie Davies said. “I believe that with all my heart.”

The women in the audience were welcomed into the realm of support offered by Albright and the other female National Agents Alliance leaders.

“I am really not all that they tell y’all I am,” Albright said. “I just want you to know that everything that you hear about me is in you, you’ve just got to find the right people to bring it out. And I’ve just been blessed with the right people.”

For more information about National Agents Alliance’s 2013 National Convention, look for stories in the NAA Newsroom and in the upcoming newsletter.

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