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DeAnna McClary

Posted on: December 21, 2010.

DeAnna McClary is most prominently known as the wife of Lt. Clebe McClary, a decorated Vietnam War Veteran who speaks across the country about his experiences in war and how they have affected his perspective on life. DeAnna and Clebe married and had dreams of living a quiet life in Florence, South Carolina. However, in 1967 (only weeks before his wedding) Clebe felt compelled to serve his country in the Vietnam War after witnessing a flag burning on a college campus. The beauty queen and her Prince Charming were separated by war after only a short period of marriage.

Just a few days before returning to the United States, Clebe was severely injured in combat on his last recon patrol deep in the heart of Vietnam. The battle left him with horrific injuries. Unlike many young brides of returning veterans, DeAnna promised to stay by her husband’s side and became involved with every aspect of his rehabilitation. Her husband remained hospitalized for two years and underwent over 30 surgeries, yet the couple remained together and supported one another in their pain and joy.

DeAnna began to share her lessons on love and commitment with others. She is now an accomplished public speaker, gospel singer, and author. Her biographical book, Commitment To Love, chronicles the trials and victories of her and Clebe’s marriage. DeAnna’s mission is to remind young couples the importance of commitment and love in overcoming the greatest of obstacles in not only marriage, but life.

DeAnnna made her first appearance with her husband Clebe at the opening of NAA’s corporate office building. This was the first speaking Clebe hosted at the company, but Andy, Barry and Philip knew and admired Clebe and DeAnna long before then.

Since their first appearance, the two have attended many National Agents Alliance events, including the 2008 National Convention and 2009 National Convention. Through their courage in overcoming obstacles, they continue to be a source of inspiration for National Agents Alliance agents.

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