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Lou Holtz

NFL Coach & Motivational Speaker

Lou Holtz was born on January 6, 1937 in Follansbee, West Virginia. He is an author, television commentator, motivational speaker, and most […]

John Maxwell


John C. Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author who has sold over 13 million books. His organizations have […]

Bill Cowher

NFL Superbowl XL Coach, CBS Studios Analyst

Bill Cowher is one of the most successful coaches in NFL history, who in his 15 years helming the Pittsburgh Steelers won […]

Profiles of Success

National Agents Alliance

Burlington, NC

Andy Riddle

St. Augustine, FL

Diane Lampe

Dallas, TX

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Darwin Hurme


The two owners of National Agents Alliance, Andy (Albright) and Barry (Clarkson), represent the three ā€œPā€™sā€: Polish, Passion and Punch. Together they […]

John Phelps

F & G Life

National Agents Alliance has built an opportunity for individuals to make a lot of money. There are more people making a significant […]

George Mohasci


National Agents Alliance is an organization that is experiencing a doubling of its sales every year, has fantastic goals, great ambitions, and […]

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