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The Alliance hosts Kids’ Coloring Contest judges at corporate headquarters

Coloring Contest Judges

BURLINGTON, N.C. – National Agents Alliance hosted a panel of six judges to help it decide the winners of its “Get Your Ship Together” Kids’ Coloring Contest on June 19 at its headquarters.

In an effort to ensure fairness, The Alliance asked NAA University Coach, NAA Product Specialist Gina Hawks, Alamance Community College’s Jeff Bright and The Times-News’ Michelle Terry, Michael Abernathy and Susanna Chriscoe to judge the contest.

More than 140 entries were sent to NAA and were separated into four categories based on age.

For an hour the panel painstakingly whittled down the field until a winner was chosen based on a points system. The judges were secluded in a room where they argued and debated the merits of each entry. At one point, Coach and Bright had to be separated before things got too heated. Abernathy, a crime and court reporter, reminded Bright and Coach that each entry had its own merit regardless of what they thought.

When asked why he got so upset during judging, Coach said, “I’m passionate about art. If I’m going to judge something, then I’ve got to treat it like it is a life or death situation. You don’t halfway judge art. I think some of these kids ‘mailed it in’ so to speak. I didn’t like that and Bright wanted to talk about, ‘hey, they are kids. Take it easy, man.’ Well, I didn’t like his tone and I let him know. This was serious business. We were chosen to award prize buckets and I wasn’t going to take it lightly.”

Once the judges got back on point, the entries were narrowed down to a Top 10 in each category – 0-3 years old, 4-7, 8-15 and 16-18. Judges then ranked their favorite five and awarded a point value for each with five points going toward their favorite entry.

“The response to our coloring contest was huge this year and we are going to recognize the winners during our Leadership Conference in July,” NAA President and CEO Andy Albright said. “We’ve enjoyed displaying the artwork in our home office and it’s been neat to see guests and visitors look at the entries when they come to our office. I’d like to thank every parent and child for sending their pictures to us.”

The voting has been tabulated and the winners are …

GOING TO BE ANNOUNCED at July’s “Get Your Ship Together” Leadership Conference!

See you in Burlington, N.C. for the big announcement.

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