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The Alliance names Craft Chief of ARC Operations

BURLINGTON, N.C. – Robbie Craft has been named the Chief of ARC (Alliance Resource Center) Operations with The Alliance, company President and CEO Andy Albright announced on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Albright said the promotion allows Craft to focus extensively on helping The Alliance grow and improve as the manager and architect of the ARC.

“I am happy to announce that Robbie Craft will be taking on this newly created role as Chief of ARC Operations,” Albright said Wednesday. “Robbie’s technical senses, ability to negotiate, plan, organize and communicate will all be needed to accomplish the goals at hand with the ARC.”

In this new role, Craft will be responsible and accountable for managing the ARC system in areas of design, development, implementation, maintenance and coordination of its policies, procedures and execution of all payouts.

Assisting Albright will be Pam Parrish, Clay Mertes, Lucero Diaz, Jacob Coller (ABTF), Chris Hill (President’s Club), Missy Stipetich (Executive Assistant to Andy and Jane Albright), Amber Bowen (Executive Assistant to Andy Albright and HotSpots Coordinator) and Brianna Sharpe (Assistant to Chief of Sales).

In addition to major ARC responsibilities, Craft will assist with Bombshell Technologies oversight (onsite visits), grow and improve carrier relationships and processes (onsite visits) and work with top producers and managers on design implementation (interviews, surveys, input and design projects). Agent Mike Alleman has already taken a lead in gathering agreements from top producers and managers and will continue to develop this area along with Craft. This area will also include education of functionality of the ARC and new developments.

Craft will also continue strategic assistance to Robert King III with legal issues and correspondence responsibilities. Please address previous sales opportunities and challenges directly to Albright so that he can address or delegate appropriately.

“We all very much appreciate the service Robbie has provided across the country as Chief of Sales,” Albright said. “It will be difficult to allow him to step away from those duties, but the enormity and impact of the ARC are important enough to make this role change happen for the good of all of us.”

Craft, who graduated from North Carolina State with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in May of 2009, lives in McLeansville, N.C. with his wife, Liz and their two young sons.

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