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‘Turkey Fairy’ donation helps Loaves & Fishes shatter Thanksgiving goal

Brenda Allen told volunteers at Loaves & Fishes to stay positive and keep praying for something good to happen on Tuesday morning.

A few minutes later, something great happened.

Allen, the executive director and founder of Loaves & Fishes, got another visit from Jane Albright, who Allen refers to as the “Turkey Fairy” because of her annual donations around Thanksgiving. Loaves & Fishes was about 75 turkeys shy of its 1,000 turkey goal until Albright showed up.

A few minutes later, Albright, who started donating turkeys to L&F seven years ago, helped Loaves & Fishes not only hit its goal of 1,000 turkeys, but put them well past 1,100 with a 200 turkey donation. It was the second large donation Albright made in the last week.

Albright and her husband, Andy – the President and CEO of National Agents Alliance – donated roughly 450 turkeys this year. They donated more than 200 to the non-profit organization last Thanksgiving.

“I was raised to believe that every family should have a turkey on Thanksgiving,” Jane Albright said. “I don’t even like to think about the possibility of someone not having a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. That’s why I do this every year.”

The weekend before Thanksgiving is traditionally when Loaves & Fishes distributes turkeys and traditional side dishes to families in need. The organization now serves more than 7,000 people each month and will serve more than 200 homes dinner on Thursday.

Allen said often times people don’t realize that the efforts of L&F is funded by people in the community like Albright. The meals are not free and are not government funded.

“A lot of people just think the government sends them or that we get them from the grocery store for free,” Allen said. “They need to know that real people care about them. The most important person in the world was Jane last week. If she hadn’t given us the money for turkeys, we would not have met our quota for turkeys. She had told me to call her on Monday this week if we were short, but I was not going to call Jane. I said they would come, and I know that God sent us Jane. She’s such a blessing to us. She doesn’t want people to know she does it, but I have to let others know how much she helps us.”

A total of 17 locations around Alamance County will serve traditional Thanksgiving meals Thursday, while an additional 400 families will be served meals in their households. By Thursday night, Loaves & Fishes will have helped feed roughly 7,000 people in and around Alamance County, according to Allen.

Andy Albright said he’s proud that his wife loves helping people. He said just hearing her get excited about donating to those less fortunate made him feel good.

“We both have certain charities and organizations that we support,” Albright said. “One of her favorites is Brenda and her work at Loaves & Fishes. Jane doesn’t believe it’s Thanksgiving unless you have a turkey on the table. She was determined to help them meet their goal and she helped them surpass it. I couldn’t be prouder of Jane. I hope she’s helped make Thanksgiving a little better for people in Alamance County this year.”


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Loaves & Fishes is a local independent ecumenical food ministry located in Burlington, N.C. that provides groceries to hungry families in Alamance County and five surrounding counties. Loaves & Fishes is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization supported entirely by individuals, churches, foundations, businesses, schools and civic organizations, and does not receive any funds from local, state or federal government. A small staff, 500 dedicated volunteers, and a base of local support enable Loaves & Fishes to accomplish offering assistance, encouragement and empowerment to people in need through the distribution of food and limited financial assistance without regard to race, gender, orientation or social economic status.

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